Apparatus For The Treatment Of Amblyopia (Lazy eye) At Home.

Amblyostimulator «Aist-01LK» apparatus for the treatment of amblyopia Lazy eye at home.
1.1. Treatment of amblyopia (Lazy eye).
Amblyopia (lazy eye) - is a reduction of vision, functional disorders resulting from the visual system and is dezadaptation syndrome and difficult process of learning, quality of life of patients. The principles of treatment of amblyopia, the goal of which is to improve visual acuity is to eliminate the competitive effects of the lead eye, as well as the stimulation function of the neyroretseptoric apparatus amblyopic eye.
Treatment of amblyopia is the best at early stages by means structured method of the light impuls makulostimulation (quantum oftalmoterapy) with Amblyostimulator «Aist-01LK», which can be used in stationary, outpatient and home, that reducing the waste of time, material costs and allows for therapeutic procedures familiar to patient conditions, increasing their frequency to 2 - 3 times a day.
Therapeutic effect was based on stimulation of amblyopic eye by low-light red-orange and green part of the spectrum in the form of pulses with predetermined optimal performance.
Applying is the most effective in children. The effect of (significant increase of view) is within 1-2 months from the application of the 95.3% of patients.
The proposed method of treatment of amblyopia combines traditional and new techniques. In doing so, the flow of light is structured in the form of spatial lattices mosaic type with the changing colors is red - orange - violet - green tones and shades. The necessary thing is a direct occlusion (closing well seeing eye) for the entire period of treatment. The patient sits in a chair in his comfortable position. Steps:
A) Insert the product button, select one of three modes of light emitter (on the recommendation of the attending physician):
- Green
- A red-orange
- A red-orange - green.
Regimes are changed at work within 3-5 minutes by pressing buttons.
In the case of treating both eyes light up should be carried out alternately.
Attention! Green light lowers intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma, red-orange light it is contraindicated.
B) to squeeze the lens hood to the eye for conversation.
The duration of stimulation is 10-15 minutes, then turn off the unit. Conversations repeat treatment 2-3 times a day until the restoration of normal visual acuity, with monthly monitoring by the physician - okulist. After 10-15 minutes of light against the backdrop of the rise of functional activity of photoreceptors of the retinal amblyopic eye, pursuing ways and visual centers of cerebral cortex, patients are offered various exercises that require high visual load. Depending on the age, intelligence, available at that time visual acuity, it might be reading, drawing, colorization of images, mosaics or computer games. Preference should be given to drawing with pencils of bright colors, the collection of mosaics, construction of the brightest parts video computer games with using the joystick, etc. (the exercise, develops the fine motor of children). The amount of test objects, mosaics, the details of construction must conform to visual acuity existing at the moment of, with the trend towards the reduction of the size as it is improving.
To get the best results of treatment of amblyopia the full correction of refractive errors requires available for a distinct image on the retina. At the same time, children are assigned a long-term total direct occlusion of the best eye. Under these conditions the impact of competitive hindering of the lead eye excludes. Repeated visual acuity are held monthly. The duration of occlusion is dictated by the dynamics of change of the visual acuity amblyopic eye. If within 2 months eyesight is not improving, further continuation of direct occlusion is inappropriate.
1.2. Possible complications and errors:
Treatment errors of amblyopia may be associated with the failure of technology. Complications in the application of this method is not registered. In some cases, there is a collateral positive effect: improved behavior, improved concentration. It is noted that in all patients who received sessions of quantum oftalmoterapy overall health was markedly improved in the form of improving the mood and physical activity, that is linked to products of «Day» neurohormone serotonin stimulation, which is responsible for state immunity, and normalization of biorhythms human body.
Optimal parameters of quantum oftalmoterapii, increased intensity of treatment with low-energy light, available, effective method form the basis for the treatment of all categories of patients, including younger children of pre-school.
1.3. To prevent and treat other diseases (except for amblyopia) both eyes to light up alternately, for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day. In addition, occlusion does not apply.
1.4. Besides the local effect light has overall effects on the body:
Green light - the most calming, normalizes the activities of the cardiovascular system, reduce pulse, treating arrhythmia, arterial and eye hypertension, helps with headaches and tired eyes. Green light appeases our soul and yet provides a feeling of security.
Red-orange is a symbol of fertility, providing exciting, stimulating effect on the nervous system, speeds up the metabolism, make better blood circulation, heart activity, eliminates the stagnant phenomena in internal organs. Restores nerve and muscle tissue that helps in the Diseases of the digestive system, spleen, improves digestion.
Color can be seen as an efficient, accessible, which does not require injections and operations, non-prevention methods and treatment of various diseases in the correct application is not yielding the complications and side effects.
In addition to treating diseases of the body, can be used to enhance immunity, as well as for the prevention and treatment of computer syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and seasonal depression.
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