Treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye) in children. (En)

 Amblyopia (lazy eye) - reduction of view, functional disorders resulting from the visual analyzer is maladaptive syndrome and is a poor prognostic sign for education, deteriorating quality of life. It occurs mainly in children during the development of the visual system, often accompanied by strabismus, hyperopia and astigmatism. When myopia amblyopia is less common. Frequent cases of amblyopia if not timely operated congenital cataract. When a fuzzy image on the retina occurs violation of binocular interaction with subsequent blockade of the visual signal from the eye with low vision. Active braking signal results in a reduction of vision which can be restored (E.S. Avetisov, 1968). 
The principles of the existing methods of treatment of amblyopia, the goal of which is to improve visual acuity is to eliminate the competitive effects of lead eyes, as well as to stimulate the function foveolar field amblyopic eye. 
Treatment of amblyopia is most effective in the early stages. We have proposed a method of treatment of amblyopia (patent of RB №6671) method Structured tsvetoimpulsnoy makulostimulyatsii (quantum oftalmoterapii) using improved apparatus Amblyostimulator «Aist-01LK» (patent of RB №6409). The method can be used in stationary, ambulatory and home, which reduces the loss of time, material costs and allows treatments to the patient in the usual conditions, increasing their frequency to 2 - 3 times a day. 
 Amblyostimulator «Aist-01LK» apparatus for treating amblyopia in the home. 
 The therapeutic effect is based on stimulation of amblyopic eye low-energy (quantum) light red-orange and green part of the spectrum in the form of pulses of a certain brightness, duration, frequency and duty cycle. 
 The use of the device is most effective in children. Treatment may be carried out at home. The effect of (significant increase of view) occurs within 1-2 months from the beginning of use in 95.3% of patients. 
The device is simple to use and safe. Not comprises laser sources. Powered by two AAA batteries (LR03). Contraindicated for cancer and epilepsy. 
 Amblyostimulator «Aist-01LK»
TU BY 190841296.002-2012, approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (registration certificate number IM-7.98967), commercially available from Research and Production Enterprise "Stimed" Belarusian Society of Disabled People "Rehabilitation». 
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 Indications: various types of amblyopia: refractive, anisometropic, strabismic, of obscure; nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, glaucoma, degenerative lesions of the retina and optic nerve, computer syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and seasonal depression. 
 list of necessary medical equipment: Amblyostimulator «Aist-01LK». 
 Description of the technology of using the method: 
 The proposed method of treatment of amblyopia combines traditional and new techniques. At the same time, the flow of light is structured in the form of spatial lattices mosaic type with the changing colors red - orange - violet - green tones and shades. Makulostimulation performed using Amblyostimulator «Aist-01LK». Prerequisite is a direct occlusion of the entire treatment period. The patient sits in a chair, in a convenient position. Hand holding ambliostimulyator so that the lens hood - suction cup fits snugly against the eye. The duration of stimulation 10-15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes after lighted on the background of rise of functional activity photoreceptor retinal amblyopic eye pursuing ways and visual centers of the cerebral cortex, patients are offered various exercises that require increased visual load. Depending on age, intellect, available at the time of visual acuity, it can be read, drawing, coloring of images, mosaics or computer games. Preference should be given to drawing pencils and bright colors, picking mosaics, construction of the brightest parts, video-computer games with the management of using dzhoystka etc. The size of the test - objects, mosaics, the details of construction must conform to the currently available visual acuity, with a tendency to reduce these dimensions as its increase. 
 Before treating amblyopia, for a full understanding of the functional state of the body, carried out a full examination of all parts of the eye. Inspection is carried out in sequence, based on the principle of the anatomical location of the individual parts of the eye. 
The algorithm ophthalmological examination of both eyes of patients with amblyopia:
1. verification of visual acuity without correction and with correction, full correction of ametropia (refractive error);
2. refractometer skiascopy;
3. Oftalmometres;
4. The definition of fixation;
5. The definition of reserves accommodation;
6. The determination of the nature of vision;
7. Biomicroscopy;
8. The direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy;
9. Biometrics;
10. The testimony of A / B scan;
11. inspection pediatrician, neurologist.
 In order to maximize the results of treatment of amblyopia requires the full correction of refractive errors available, providing the production of distinct image on the retina. Simultaneously, children assigned a long total direct occlusion of the best eyes. Under these conditions excludes the impact of competitive hindering the lead eyes. Repeated visual acuity are held monthly. The duration of occlusion is dictated by the dynamics of change in visual acuity amblyopic eye. If within 2 months eyesight is not improving, further continuation of direct occlusion inappropriate. 
 Possible complications and errors: 
Errors treatment of amblyopia may be associated with non-compliance technology. Complications in the application of this method is not registered. In some cases, there is collateral positive effect: improved behavioral reactions, improves concentration. It is noted that in all patients who received sessions of quantum oftalmoterapii markedly improved overall health in the form of increased motor activity and mood. 
 Optimal parameters of quantum oftalmoterapii, increased intensity of treatment with low-energy light up an affordable, effective method form the basis for carrying out the treatment of all categories of patients, including preschool children and toddlers.